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The third time Joseph Ulbert experienced a full-blown manic episode he knew a major life change had to be made. Sobriety, family and escape through painting have helped Joe cope with a manic current that is always there. Ulbert is a documentary that tells the story of Joe Ulbert’s fight with Bipolar Disorder.
Joe seemed to have normal feelings through most of his early life. But during puberty things began to change. His anger grew larger as his frustration with life increased. Outbursts and fits of rage were not uncommon and almost always followed by a depression. Joe eventually left teen life behind and replaced it with marijuana, LSD and alcohol. During the years of hard partying he had three bouts of mania resulting in hospitalization. This led Joe to a path of sobriety and personal growth accompanied by great family support. Ulbert is an exploration of a bipolar man’s story, artwork, philosophy and growth throughout the last 10 years.

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Tags: documentary, artist, mental illness, Bipolar Disorder, Bipolar Painter, Manic episodes

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Declan Ryan

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